Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Effective Website Copy is Your First & Last Chance to Impress Your Visitors

Website content should be more than just presentation of information. To make your website result oriented, you need to have content that engages the reader, boosts your search engine rankings and above all it must reinforce your brand.

Effective website copy is an essential is you are looking to increase sales through online marketing;

It's simple, if your site doesn't grab and hold attention through the content, no matter how much you spend on bringing visitors, they will never convert into customers.

Once the visitor arrives on your website, he will decide in first two seconds, whether or not to stay on the page; so it's all about the headlines you have.

The headline must ignite their interest!

After this, he spends next five second in scanning; so be sure that you have highlighted the most important part of copy. Use simple words, and avoid complex phrases.

Your website copy must not be boring; rather it should be shorter. The more simple the language, the greater its impact can be.

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